Mindtalk Counselling and Psychotherapy
in Market Harborough, Leicestershire

Our contact number is 01858 288 400.

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Welcome to Mindtalk

Who we are

Mindtalk is a group of independent, friendly, non-judgmental, experienced counsellors and psychotherapists, committed to helping people find a way through whatever it is they are struggling with. We all suffer from time to time and can feel as though we have lost who we are and our direction in life. Sometimes, during such times, it can be hard to ask for help, or the help from family and friends might not be enough or what we need.

What we offer

We provide short and long term counselling, psychotherapy and mind training for people of all ages living in Market Harborough, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. Our discreet rooms are in the centre of Market Harborough.

At Mindtalk we are here for people who want help with a specific problem, or may be in the midst of a life crisis. You may feel stuck or overwhelmed in life. We offer counselling and psychotherapy for those struggling with life and role transitions, major life changes, stuck or unhelpful thinking and behavioural patterns. Some people wonder if what is bothering them is important enough: there are no measuring scales for suffering - just call and we can have a brief chat to discuss whether we might be able to help.

For example we specialise in dealing with:

Low self-esteem
Relationships difficulties, divorce and separation
Addiction of all kinds
Bereavement and loss
Trauma and post traumatic stress
Unresolved issues from the past
Domestic violence
Challenges at work, coaching
Mental and emotional blocks
Dreams and nightmares

At Mindtalk we offer prompt appointments, flexible appointment times, a choice of therapist and maximum confidentiality and discretion. You can come directly to us with no need for a referral – a phone call or email is all it takes.

Supported by a counsellor/psychotherapist in an atmosphere of safety and trust you can explore, understand and change your life. On this website you can see who our therapists are and read a little about them. You have the option of directly contacting the therapist you feel is best suited to you directly or you can make a general enquiry.

We Believe Change is Possible

We understand that the issues bringing you to this site may be causing you great distress and interfere with your enjoyment of life. Maybe you are aware that there is something preventing you from experiencing life in the way you want to. We know from experience that growth and change are always possible. Whether you are based in Market Harborough or Leicester and the area we can work together with you to learn how elements that are unique to you are creating your symptoms or causing you to feel stuck and blocked. And above all we can look at how this can be different in your day to day life in order for you to shape life in the way you want.

People have described our service as:

‘a haven’; ‘really helpful', 'valuable', 'trustworthy’, ‘I felt safely held with powerful emotions’, ‘ I felt heard and understood’, ‘very professional’, ‘easily accessible’, ‘made a real difference to my life’.

What Happens Next?

At a first appointment your therapist will listen to you and you can see how you get on together. If it is appropriate to continue, they will advise on the approach needed, and discuss with you the time frame and frequency of sessions required.

Counselling and Psychotherapy during this time of Coronavirus

At this time when there is so much shock, alarm and weirdness around us we strongly recommend continuing or starting with sessions as a reflective space, Research shows how important it is to have that grounding experience and people who do are more resilient.

We continue to practise face to face and online by using FaceTime, Zoom (a videophone platform like Skype but more secure), or telephone. We have used these methods when necessary for several years and they are very effective.

Whichever remote communication method is used, it is very important to provide yourself with a completely private, indoor, secure location for the session, one where you know that you will not be disturbed, distracted or concerned about being overheard. A car in a public space is not secure enough. It helps if you are able to be hands free - so to use a laptop, or prop your phone on a surface so you don’t have to hold it throughout the session. Check that devices are fully charged or plugged in. Where consistent wifi speed is a problem, we have found using 4G with FaceTime very reliable.

Very quickly this method of meeting can feel natural and as close as being together in person.

A Personalised Approach

There are many schools of thought when it comes to what works best in counselling and psychotherapy. However the latest research points to the validity of talk therapy in general when compared to more cognitive approaches, and it is generally accepted that it is the therapeutic relationship itself that is the key to success. At our first meeting we will sound out the issue you are bringing and discern the best approach to exploring them in counselling or psychotherapy.

Each of our practitioners has had training that combines traditional counselling, psychotherapy and life coaching techniques with more contemporary interventions. Working in such a way helps us to better meet your needs and guarantees that your individuality is reflected in our work. It might be that you and your counsellor/ psychotherapist decide to bring in your dreams, work with creative imagination, practise mindfulness, or use cognitive behavioural techniques .

Some of our practitioners have also completed trainings in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) as a way of working with many of the issues listed below (particularly trauma). An explanation of EMDR is contained in the Frequently Asked Questions page of this site.

Our practice in counselling and psychotherapy is convenient for those who travel between Leicester and Northampton, as well as those based in Market Harborough. Our main practice address is: 3 Abbey Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire LE16 9AA.

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